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"Fine feathers don't make fine birds.
It is what's inside that counts."
- Beatrice's Dad

Put a beggar on horseback and he'll ride for a mile. So don't forget in this life "who you really are".
- Beatrice's Ma'

"Be happy that you know, you are HAPPY, don’t be afraid of tomorrow
Live your dream today
The future is infinite."
- Beatrice

All About Beatrice McCaig

A Wee bit more about me.

I am a widow and have two sons, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren (no cats, dogs, etc.) all of whom I am very proud. I am a very happy go lucky everyday “normal” person. I have been interested in paranormal matters for over twenty-five years now and have a vast experience in many aspects of that field.

My first experiences of being what my family would call “different”, (but in reality is only who I really am,) go back to my childhood when I was so aware of being sensitive to other people’s feelings, not of being aware of seeing or hearing paranormal things (as some other people do) only what I can describe as having a knowing, (not knowing how I knew it at the time) if this makes sense. This of course led me on my search for answers, and after twenty five years I am still looking and searching, as just when you think you know the answer something else gives you “food for thought” and that is what my website has to offer you a search for the truth as to who you really are and of course is there really “anybody else there?”

My Psychic Search:

I have been involved in many aspects of paranormal research for several years as I am now in the fortune position that my husband (of 42 years, so far), lads, and grandchildren have all grown up and doing their own thing, I am now just a voice at the end of the telephone when my boys or their kids need me (great I hear you say) which in actual fact is really “cool” as this gives me the freedom to do as I want and not worry too much about family. You see there are some advantages to being “auld”!!! (Auld meaning Old – I did say I am Scottish !)

Spiritualist Churches:

Several years ago I was the Founder/President of the Dawn of Light Spiritualist Church in my local area, holding the position for five years, I had all the normal duties of any Church President, doing Demonstrations of Clairvoyance (psychic/mediumistic) Healing, Circles, Workshops and even making the tea just as your general “dogsbody”!!! Which I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed.

I had the good fortune of meeting many straightforward speaking people with a no nonsense attitude about their psychic development. I too learned a lot during those years about people in general and what we are all, perhaps striving to achieve in our own lives. The most common thread we all share is the need to be “loved” and that is where it all starts for us in our search to know ourselves, so that we can share that love with others whom we meet. If you know of anything better then please let me know.
To this day on occasions I still serve the Church, giving Evenings of Clairvoyance and taking their Development Circle.

Edinburgh Association of Spiritualist:

To date I am still an active member of the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists, again on occasions giving Demonstrations of Clairvoyance and also tutoring in Development Circles. In the past I was also Vice-President of the Association with all the usual commitments.

I look upon the Association as being my “home Church” if you like and that is where you will usually find me on a Sunday morning as I very much enjoy being with like minded people. (Provided I don’t have too much of the other “spirits” on the Saturday night HA! HA!)

Edinburgh College of Parapsychology:

Before moving away from my home area I also worked as a Tutor/Demonstrator at the College of Parapsychology for several years, taking Psychic Development Groups, Open and Closed Circles and Trance Workshops.

I also had the opportunity to meet, and hear many “good” mediums demonstrate, which also gave me “food for thought” with regard to my own development.

If anyone feels the need to clarify what I have written with regard to the above Churches then feel “free” to check it out for yourself.

Life’s Journey:

At the moment I am working mostly in the UK, also on occasions abroad in Spain and America where I have worked quite a bit in the past.

I have the good fortune of having a niece who lives in California and a sister in San Diego so I am no stranger to the Hollywood Heights although you will not see my name “in lights” so to speak, at least not so far, but who knows what the future may bring, always keeping in mind to ask the Universe for what you desire, but be careful as you “might just get it”. My only desire at this time would be a nice “wee villa” in the sun, where I could concentrate on my future work, the only thing stopping me is of course “dosh” (money) so if you have a spare Villa going FREE then I would be very happy to look after it for you, I can assure you it would be in very good hands.

Shut Up Now:

Well, I think that is enough about me and I would like to leave you with this thought: “The Universe awaits you, all things are possible by the
“LAW OF ATTRACTION” enjoy your search.”