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“Beatrice is a true teacher, mixing
fun with serious learning in an atmosphere of encouraging support”
- Violet

“Beatrice was always endeavouring to enable her students to have a richer experience to their spiritual enfoldment.”
- Yvonne Craig

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Many of Beatrice’s students have regular sessions. Her invaluable teachings have developed some of the most genuine mediums and psychics around the globe.

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Telephone Development

Your Psychic / Mediumistic Development:

Firstly let me ask you a question “Are you psychic” the answer to that is, of course, yes. Everybody is psychic, it is something you are born with, it is part of who you really are and you cannot be separated from it. It is the part of you which is connected to the Universal Source Energy which is infinite, it is who you are now, who you have been and who you always will be.

There is a power within you that can connect to that source energy whilst here on this earthly vibration, you also have the ability to connect to other source energy beings through your psyche. When you sit for meditation and try to attune yourself to that source then you will become at one with that power which can be used to enhance your life and also the lives of others whilst on this earthly vibration.

Attunement: - Incarnate and Discarnate:

Meditation in my opinion is the only way to attune your mind to work with your consciousness and is the most important part of any mind development (self- awareness/psychic/mediumistic/spiritual/paranormal) and must be practised on a daily basis, so that you attune to your own vibrational source energy and do not distance yourself from who you really are.

There are four very simple steps to meditation:-
Relaxation, Visualisation, Dedication. Meditation and I feel in that order.

Psychic Development through Relaxation:

This is allowing ourselves the time to relax the physical body by sitting quietly, perhaps putting your feet up and sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and being aware of the rhythm to your breathing, or listening to music, just letting go of all material thoughts of the day, allowing yourself the pleasure of your own time, even if only for a few moments a day, it will make such a difference to your attitude and tolerance of yourself and others, therefore enhancing your daily life, giving you the ability to cope with life’s stresses and strains.

Learning Visualisation:

Perhaps you would find it easier to find a quiet spot to relax and visualise within your mind’s eye a focus of perhaps a flower, crystal, candle, waterfall, country scene etc. etc. whatever you find holds your focus, whereby you become calm and at ease with yourself, also training your mind for the many different levels of communications available to you. Acknowledging any thoughts that come to you and letting them go, returning to your focus so when the mind becomes further developed you are aware of what are your thoughts and perhaps the discarnate thought forms you are receiving through the stillness of you mind.

Dedication to your self development:

Probably the most important of the three to enable yourself to attune to the many vibrational levels for any communication to take place, whether that be with your own consciousness or that of source energy. To set aside on a daily basis time to sit in the quietness.

Meditation: For Psychic Development and so much more:

Is the art of setting oneself free from material thoughts and cares and attuning ourselves to our altered states of consciousness for the benefit of the sitter. Meditation should become a way of life, a way forward, it should be practised everyday and not separated, until it becomes a very important part of who you are. For it is only in the silence that we can achieve the greatness of oneness with the power within us to enhance and empower our lives.

When you sit and are attuned to your own energies you create the vibrations possible to connect to the universe on many levels, you do not need to ask for anything, only become aware of the total silence within you and listen with your mind. When all these things come together then you are on your way to discover the universe and the mysteries of life.

Enjoy the journey for it is yours for the taking, it is in abundance and not reserved for the “chosen few” but for all who wish to become attuned to what is rightfully theirs. I believe as vibrational source energy, our hopes and desires are unlimited and available to all who go in search for the answers, as the universe “receives” and “returns” your thoughts, and will try to act upon your desires. So be careful for what you ask for as you may just get it


Let me at this point speak to you about the power of Hypnosis and how very misused and dangerous it can be in the wrong hands. If you decide to explore this avenue of the mind for your own development, please make sure that you see a fully trained, recommended Clinical Hypnotherapist who really knows what they are doing, as the power of suggestion to the willing mind can be very potent both favourably and adversely.

I have studied and worked with Clinical Hypnosis in many development groups, also in my own search for “Who am I” using self-hypnosis to attune my mind to the many states of meditation with some interesting results. It is always good to search for your answers in whatever ways seem right and comfortable for you, there is a multitude of choices available to the serious researcher, these here are only my experiences that I want to share with you, hopefully you will find what works for you. “Happy hunting, have fun.”

Psychic and Mediumistic Demonstrations and Events:

If you are interested in Public demonstrations of a Psychic or Mediumistic nature i.e. Talks, Workshops, Spiritual Guidance, Circle Work etc. etc. really anything at all to do with the Paranormal, again just ask through my
contact page, (IF YOU DARE) I can assure you it will be fun !
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