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“All healing is attuning to the awareness of the divine that lies within each cell of the body”
- Edgar Cayce

“It does take the determination that you're going to put your thoughts upon something that does feel good”
- Abraham-Hicks

Do not starve your mind, body, spirit, or soul. Discover what feeds them and make this a steady part of
your diet.
- Mother Teresa.

Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing and Energy Work: -

My introduction to Healing

I have worked as a healer for many years, it was the first thing that brought me into the study of spiritualism, (which is another field that holds a great interest for me) as I was quite ill and was rather “fed up” with conventional medicine and apparently getting nowhere. However I found myself in a spiritualist church, (for spiritual healing) recommended to me by a good friend, I must admit I was rather sceptical, but thought “what the heck” what have I got to lose, I will go along anyway, out of curiosity.

Thank goodness I did, whilst I did not see right away any physical changes within me, I soon realised that I felt much better within my mind and more relaxed about my illnesses, which led me to further explore “Spiritual Healing” which in turn led me to Reiki Healing.

You Hold The Power to Heal Yourself

After much studying, I have come to the conclusion that when we are attuned to the universe then healing will take place on many levels. We each of us hold the power within us to help heal ourselves on many levels of consciousness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and to use the power of thought to bring about a balance within our physical body thereby enhancing our daily lives and giving us the inner strength to cope with whatever "dis-ease" comes our way, whether that be in body, mind, or consciousness.

All of these things and more can be used to become attuned to Source Energy and the Universe. Just thought I would let you know, I am perfectly healthy to date, so please don’t feel too sorry for me, but I do appreciate any nice thoughts sent my way, for my philosophy is that “Positive thoughts create positive things” and, believe me, it works.

Develop As A Healer:

If you are interested in becoming a Healer, no matter what source you choose (i.e. Spiritual, Reiki, Contact, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Psychology etc. etc, there are numerous choices.


To enhance your connection to the Universal Energy, you must make sure that you research the source you wish to use thoroughly by checking your Tutor comes highly recommended and knows what they are talking about. Be very careful of people who ask for extortionate amounts of money for your tutoring, as Universal Energy is FREE and there for the use of anyone who wishes to take the time to find it for themselves.

Working With Healing Energies:

You must firstly become attuned to your own energy source before you begin to work with others as you are dealing with (in some cases) very vulnerable people who see you as there “last resort” and hope for the future.

You must be able to work with people’s emotions without it having too much effect upon yourself in order to be able to help them and also remain rooted in the thought that you are only “ever” a channel for any healing to take place.

Personal Responsibility:

If you decide that this is the pathway you wish to take, you must be aware of the responsibility you hold within you as a Healer and not enter into it to lightly, if done for the wrong reasons then you will do more damage than good.

My Personal Views On Healing.

Having studied several different methods of healing, I soon realised that the only way to help anyone is just to be an open channel for Source Energy, to enable that energy to connect to the recipient. The way that this is done (for me) is through my conscious thoughts being sent to the recipient.

In my opinion I do not think it is right for a Healer to take away the recipient’s “freedom of choice” by asking the source for what you want for them, you can only ask for what is needed for them and hope that it has a positive effect.


It is my opinion that it would be very wrong as a Healer to try to diagnose what the recipient’s problems are, whether they be mental, physical or emotional. Because in all probability you will pick up that information psychically, that is to say you have picked up what the person “thinks is wrong with them” when in fact the real problem might be something completely different.

Choose Carefully:

I think before your final choice it would be a good idea to “test the water” if you like by trying several complimentary therapies and not to focus too much on one thing, until you find what suits you best.

Good luck in your search, remain positive and go with your own “gut feeling” remembering “positive thoughts create positive things”.