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This quiz is aimed at those of you who wish to enhance your Psychic / Mediumistic development.........

It’s really just a wee bit fun, but the answers will keep you on the right track, ensuring your development is genuine and you don’t end up “Wired to the moon!”

The quiz is completely free, I don’t even ask for your email address...

So have a go, and see how you do…..

The Psychic / Mediumistic Development Quiz

Simply click True or False to the following :-
  1. Psychic/Mediumistic development should be open to anyone.
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    False: You must first establish that the person wishing to develop is in the correct mental state. i.e. Not on any type of medication for mental illnesses, is of sound mind and as far as you are aware good character.
  2. You have to be psychic to become a medium.
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    True: All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.
  3. You should attempt to first make your mind clear when sitting for development.
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    True: All development becomes easier when you are in a state of meditation, allowing your mind to be still.
  4. A medium may follow any religion they choose.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    True: Mediumship embraces all religions, caste, colour and creed and does not discriminate.
  5. Encourage a developing medium to work with their eyes closed.
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    False: This in the long-term would only hinder the developing medium as they would have to retrain themselves when doing public demonstrations of mediumship, as your eyes will help you place the person with whom you want to speak. Unless, of course the developing medium is “blind” to begin with and their training would have to be done differently.
  6. Sit in different development circles as often as you please.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    True: It is my opinion that you can sit whenever and wherever you choose, as your development is your responsibility and you have freedom of choice as to what suits you best. I am sure you have all heard the saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Although not all Tutors would agree with me, so it is important that you find the correct Tutor for you.
  7. Be content that all “communication” you receive is authentic.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    False: By the very nature of how communication takes place, it would be impossible to have everything correct, as we are dealing with a very fine tuned “organ” our “mind”.
  8. Always give evidence of communicator.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    True: That is a medium’s job, to prove survival after the death of the physical body. You must strive to make the communication as clear and accurate as possible, but at the same time remembering that you can only ever be a “channel” for the communication and try to keep your thoughts out of the way.
  9. Whilst sitting in development circles you should be very clear of what type of mediumship you wish to have?
    You said: CorrectWrong
    False: You do not know when you first sit for development what may come forward for you, so you must always have an open-mind and willing to try everything you receive until you find a “happy medium” so to speak.
  10. You have to have spiritual knowledge to develop physical phenomena.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    False: There are people who can produce physical phenomena without any knowledge of spiritual matters and in many cases have been the best mediums we have and therefore able to produce wonderful evidence of survival of the human spirit.
  11. In trance the mind of the medium is highly active.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    True: All communications come through the mind of the medium, as in the case of mental mediumship and physical mediumship, the mind is the bridge for the communications to take place.
  12. You should never question what your tutor tells you.
    You said: CorrectWrong
    False: Unless of course your tutor is Beatrice McCaig!
    I’m joking, You must always make sure you have an understanding of what is being taught, so therefore you must not be embarrassed to ask questions, after all we are all learning new things every day, even tutors do not have all the answers.
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So there you have it, you probably did better than you thought you would, if not, well it may have given you something to think about!

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