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“Beatrice's undoubted talents do her great credit.”
- Archibald A. Lawrie,
(Psychic Researcher)

“Beatrice’s Pre-cognition has been tested independently where her marks for accuracy have
consistently scored around 80%!”
- Ann Treherne,
(Psychic Investigator)

“Beatrice is truly dedicated, not only to her field of work, but to the
honest progression of it.”
- Leona Janice Graham

“Beatrice is always ready to advance her field of work through true
psychic and mediumistic research and experimentation”
- April Johnson

“The constant high results Beatrice achieves is not only a tribute to her but an aid in the advancement of
the research itself”
- David

Only for the Serious Psychic Researcher

If you are still with me and I have not managed to “do your head in yet” with all the jargon, let us now go to the “spooky stuff”

If you feel you would like to contact me once you have read through my work on psychic research please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Paranormal Experiment – 24th February 2008. Fife, Scotland

Approached by Psychic Researcher.

In November 2007, I was approached by the well known, and well respected Psychic Researcher, Archie Lawrie, Broadcaster, Advisor to the BBC and Film-making Groups worldwide on the subject of psychic research, also the author of a number books including the acclaimed “The Psychic Investigator's Casebook”.

Archie had heard “through the grapevine” that I was able to demonstrate paranormal communications from a discarnate source of intelligence on a regular basis well before an event took place and that I have been working like this over many years.

You see, I have the ability to take a demonstration of mediumship using written messages received from communications with discarnate energies before the actual demonstration, in some cases several weeks before the event. So on the evening of the demonstration, I go along to the venue, to take the platform with my notebook where I have written the messages from my contacts and simply read them out to the relevant people – usually with great success I might add !!!

Could This Be Possible?

Needless to say I think at the beginning he thought exactly what you are probably thinking at this time “what a load of rubbish, is she for real”. So if you are a serious psychic researcher and have the patience to read through the experiment, you may be swayed to change your mind a little.

At this point I have to tell you that I am not easily impressed, I am the most severe critic of my work that you can find, however, I was willing to put my head on the “chopping block” so to speak, for the advancement of all things paranormal, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a far greater universal intelligence waiting to work with us (to which I give the credit).

Introduction to Archie Lawire:

It was Ann Treherne, Psychic Researcher who first introduced me to Archie, she has worked very closely with him for many years. In November 2007 Ann brought him to visit me for a “wee cup of tea” and a chat about my work, of which she had previous experience.

Archie asked me several interesting questions about what I do. I was well aware at that point he was just “testing the ground” to assess if I had the ability that Ann had previously told him of. I must say that straight away, I was put at ease with this gentleman who very obviously has a wealth of paranormal knowledge which he was generously willing to share with myself. Although, he was still sceptical at that point (rightly so), he asked if I would be willing to demonstrate this ability to him and we thought over as to what would be the best way forward.

Start Of the Psychic Experiment.

We decided that Archie would set up a venue for this demonstration and that I would not be told of the location. He would also send out invitations to people unknown to myself to attend the demonstration.

On the night in question (24th February 2008) I was to be taken to the venue by Ann, having no previous knowledge myself of where that venue would be, I was only to appear on the night of the Experiment to do my “stuff”.

Information Received From Source Energies.

So between 6th December 2007 and 21st January 2008, while sitting in silence, the communications were given to me “via my mind” (by discarnate energies) telling me about the venue for the Experiment who at the event would receive the communications, where they would be sitting and what they would be wearing, so I knew well in advance at least some of the details of the venue (although not location).

I wrote down these details and then sent them via postal mail to Archie (the Psychic Researcher) on different dates, before the 21st of January 2008, whereby they were placed safely in a signed, sealed envelope and given to a Solicitor to lock away in his safe, only to be brought out on the night of the Experiment (24th February 2008).

Invitation To Attend A Psychic Experiment

All invitations to approximately 25 people, were sent out around 27th January 2008, preparations for the Experiment had been previously completed by 21st January 2008 (my messages having been safely locked away), therefore the communications were written well before the recipients of the messages even knew they were being invited to take part in the Experiment.

An Audience with A Solicitor, 2 Psychic Researchers and A Medium.

On arrival at the venue on 24th February 2008 I was rather nervous and hoped that the Experiment would go well as a lot of people had taken the time to come, whom to be fair did not know me, or what to expect.

Archie then introduced me to his guests and invited his Solicitor to hand-over the appropriate communication papers which had been locked away safely until that evening. He proceeded to open the envelopes and then it was my turn to read out the communications which I had previously sent to Archie at different dates.

When the demonstration was over it was down to Ann and Archie to interact with the recipients of the communications and work-out the success of the evening (I did not ask anyone about the readings they had received).

Overall Outcome Of Experiment.

I have to say that I was impressed with the over all results of the experiment, although it was certainly “not” perfect, and it is highly unlikely that it ever will be as I am dealing with a discarnate consciousness who is trying to impart information in my mind to pass forward to others (not always an easy task) so somewhere in between there may be a little distortion as all energies have to come together for this to take place.

However the Experiment was well scrutinized by the two Psychic Researchers, whom I respect and trust (Archie Lawrie and Ann Treherne), they marked the “overall” content as 80% correct and therefore I feel that it is worth at least further investigation, all credit to those discarnate energies.

My personal opinion would be that it was certainly worth the time and effort to be a part of this, what I feel to be, an unusual experiment and I would certainly have no qualms about trying it again in the future.

Click here to read the Messages I gave on the night of the Experiment

Have You Had Any Similar Psychic Experiences?

This is the section where I would appreciate any feedback, if there are others who have experienced similar things, please contact me so that I might share in their experience and together we may learn something to enhance our knowledge of what lies in the future for us as earthly beings.

I too am looking for answers, as to how you can go into the future, as with my experiment; being able to say 10 weeks in advance who is going to be in a certain room, at a certain time, where they will be sitting, what they will be wearing and the most important part (for me) to be able to tell them who is communicating information for them.

It also opens up a whole new field for me, as I would like to know, how it is possible to move forward in time, through communications given by a discarnate energy within my consciousness, and still remain rooted in the present, while being able to perceive information that is apparently for the future.

I do have my own thoughts on this, but I don’t think I am brave enough to state them at this time, or is it that there are some things we will never have the answer to and life is meant to be “a search” for truth, light and love. WHO KNOWS, DO YOU?

A last word or two and a big thank you to Source Energy.

Finally, now that you have read my website and I am sure you have your own thoughts about what you have just read, (nutcase I hear you say loudly) perhaps you need a “wee bit of time” to digest the content. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as it was meant to be a very “serious fun time”.

I want to finish by thanking all the “Discarnate Universal Source Energies” that take the time to work with me in bringing across this message to all of you who are willing to receive: You are “Source Energy Beings” encased within the physical body, on this earthly vibration, until you are ready to return to source (which is your right) when your intentions are fulfilled on this earthly vibration..

Be happy in the knowledge that “consciousness” is ever in existence, as it is the energy force within each and every living thing and therefore, has been, is, will be, ever present. Use that force to enhance your life and those others lives, you have the good fortune to touch upon.


Now that my consciousness is back on this earthly vibration, I will say - Cheerio the noo, fae a “Wee Scottish Lady”, have a nice life. For those who do not understand Scottish that is - Goodbye for now, from a small Scottish Lady.

If you want to contact me regarding paranormal/psychic research or experiments please use this form below

Paranormal Research


The readings here below are not reflective of a demonstration or personal reading.
This was strictly for the psychic experiment.

I did not invite further communication from source when relaying the written messages to the recipients as Archie has researched deep into the communication side of mediumship and he asked here that the main focus of the experiment be to describe the location and pinpoint where the people who attended would be sitting, thus showing an ability of “mental time travel”

During a “normal” mediumistic event/demonstration I encourage further communication with source, using the previously written readings as an introduction to the recipient, so to speak. They are however kept shorter than a private reading so that I can relay messages to a number of people in the time given, and due to the public nature of this type of reading private matters are not touched upon.

Private readings are substantially longer, allowing for as much personal detail as is necessary.

Papers For Psychic Research Experiment

Thursday 6th December 2007 - 10:22a.m.
Sitting for communication from Source Energy

I am asking to be shown the venue for February and I am receiving the following information.

I am aware of being standing outside a house, as I look straight ahead of me I can see that the pathway leading to the house is slightly elevated, on either side of the pathway there is garden area, also aware that the house is attached to another on the right hand side as I look straight ahead.

As I begin to approach the front door I am aware of a large front door as I go through the door entering by a small hallway I feel there to be a tiled floor then moving forward through an inner door. I am aware of two rooms again as I walk straight forward, one on my right and one on my left, ahead on the left there is a staircase leading to the upstairs area, to which I am told is not necessary for me to become aware of as the communications will take place in the room on the right hand side of the downstairs corridor.

(The demonstration was actually to be held up that staircase in a specific room Archie uses for such events, but due to a slight water leak in Febuary that room was not suitable, so it was decided only days before the demonstration that the downstairs study was it be used.)

As I make my way to this room I am aware of flowers in the hallway on my right side. As I go to enter the room again there is a fairly large door when entering I am aware as I face towards the window there is a fireplace on my left side this is a very nice room which I feel to be used more as a study area than a sitting room as I become aware of lots of books and a bookcase behind me. I can only describe this room as being very welcoming and I feel other energy sources have already been present within this room as I sense a vibration of knowledge.

I am now standing with my back to the window and it is from that point that I have to work but before entering into the communications I feel I must say the numbers 3 and 7 are being given to me for some relevance but I am not sure as to what that means, hopefully that will be made know later.

Thursday 6th December 2007 - 10:22a.m.
Sitting for communication from Source Energy

I am being shown that the first lady with whom I will speak is on my right side, I want to laugh because I think “The Others” are playing a joke on me as I am being shown a lady wearing a hat (which is quite unusual in this day) she is very precise in her thinking she also likes to make the best of her appearance and I feel she is a comfortable lady well rounded but looks rather stern, I feel she would have lots of questions for us, as she is no stranger to this type of research.

I feel I have a lady coming forward for her who tells me she is her mother, I feel the lady to be of a very strong character as she draws close with her daughter she has come to tell her that the thoughts she has been sending are true and wants you to know that you are doing the right thing she will be there to support you, she also brings forward with her your father who stands behind her at this time in a supportive way and says “you see nothing changes she is still in charge” I feel him to be a very gentle soul and is around you when you most need him.

I also feel the name of John is relevant in this communication, as there is a closeness with him and he wants you to know that all is well (although you know this already). As I start to draw away from you I now hear brother being called in to be remembered to you. I will leave you now take their love and know they are only a thought away. Don’t forget about Mary.

Wednesday 12th December - 12.25 a.m.
Experimental sitting for communications from Source Energy

Left hand side towards the middle - Lady with dark hair, wearing glasses who would understand the name of Mary being called in. I feel the lady is wearing black/white around her shoulders.

I feel I have a gentleman coming forward at this time and I am hearing the name of Joe being called in. I feel that I have a father coming forward now who wants to link to his daughter. I am aware of lots of emotion with this communication, tears from him and you. He says you must keep your chin up for you know the work has to be done.

I am hearing mother being called in now and I am aware of a lady coming forward for you, just to support you at this time. The February month is important for you (many changes) the name of Elizabeth is being given to you and I am hearing that your daughter will be well. I am being shown a small dog for you as a memory of better times.
Take the love of the spirit people and know that they are around you in your time of need.

Wednesday December - 12.25 a.m.
Experimental sitting for communications from Source Energy

Left hand side near front - Lady rather rounded - the colour red around her also wearing black beads, she is here with a friend although she is rather sceptical but willing to listen.

I have a lady coming forward and I feel she is your mother. I feel she has not done anything like this before and is trying her best to communicate with you, she says lighten up and let it happen. I feel the lady to have a great personality and liked to laugh but says you are not finding a lot to laugh about so far and she wants you to try and put the smile back on your face. She is calling the name “James or Jim or perhaps both”. I am not too sure on that one but hopefully you will understand.

She is talking of a move of home for you at this time and gives you the go ahead. I feel father also wants to be remembered to you as he comes forward he says just for support as you need reassurance at this time.

I am hearing the name of Tom being called in and also hearing brother must link with that name. I am aware of a gentleman now who tells me he passed very quickly (heart attack) who is very close to you (partner perhaps!!) but says he is fine now the month of February is an anniversary time of a passing and lots of nice thoughts connect to that. As I leave you I am aware of a black cat wandering about your feet and I feel that is a memory for you.
Lots of love from.
R. and P.

Wednesday 12th December - 12.25 a.m.
Experimental sitting for communications from Source Energy

Right hand side of room - Lady/gentleman sitting together, I can see a walking stick between them, I feel the gentleman would need to use it.

I feel I have both mother and father coming forward for the gentleman as your health has not been good at this time and they are trying to comfort you and help you to come to terms with things and assuring you that you can cope to take the strength of the lady with you and not to be so stubborn.

They also want to thank the lady very much for taking care of their son and they say you are like a daughter to them. I am hearing the name of Mary being called in for you as she draws very close to be remembered to you.
Love to the boys (grandchildren).

Monday 21st January 2008, 20:10
Experimental sitting for communication from Source Energy

Left hand side near back row gentleman on his own wearing a suit (grey) collar and tie. Researcher but he is a bit sceptical at this time. You also have a watch belonged to your father.

I feel I have a father coming forward for you, he tells me you are very like him, that you have a very inquisitive mind and are constantly searching for answers to many things - life being one of them. He says you become rather frustrated with your work at times and it is important that you continue with your latest project, he says he will be able to assist you by inspiring you to write more.

I am hearing the name of Tom being called in for you but I feel that to be a friendship link and he tells me there was much fun with you both. I also have mother coming forward and I can see a rather well dressed lady with white/grey hair, she would have been a very proud lady whilst here on the earth plane but she needs you to know that she was always proud of you. She says your aunt is also with her and wants to be remembered to you. I feel that has something to do with playing a piano (either her or both of you) but she says you will understand that.

The two ladies make me aware that you have been having a slight problem with your chest and it is really important that you do what the doctor advises and do not overlook the medication. Try not to burn the candle at both ends. Take the love of those who watch over you.
The initials “W” and “J” are relevant as communicators. (Love to brother).

Monday 21st January 2008, 20:10
Experimental sitting for communication from Source Energy

Near to front row (perhaps left hand side) - lady sitting near end of a row - darkish hair wearing glasses looks like something white around her neck (or something lacy) also wearing a chain with a cross or pendant around her neck.

I am hearing the name of Mary being called in quite strongly and you would understand that. I am also being told there is a lady here who would have passed after a cancerous illness and I feel that to be in the breast and chest areas, she wishes to draw close to you, just to say she is alright now and a very big thank you.

I am also aware of a lady who is very strong of character and hearing mother being called in for you, I feel the lady is rather rounded and very neat in her appearance, also her personality to be rather strict but nice, I just know I would not be answering her back.

I am hearing the name of Elizabeth being called in also for you and that the January month is an important time to you (an anniversary) of a gentleman who would have passed then and I feel him to be family, he says he passed quickly and pain free as his last memory is finding himself in a new dimension in which he is very comfortable. He says thank you for talking to the picture so often and that he receives your thoughts and sends all his love, also to the two boys.

Monday 21st January 2008, 20:10
Experimental sitting for communication from Source Energy

Left hand side about 4th row from front somewhere in the middle of a row - lady wearing a dark coat with a coloured scarf around her neck. A lot of emotion around this lady at this time as I can see the colour green around her.

I am being told that there is a lot of healing being sent to you at this time as you have been rather ill. It is important that you know that things will much improve over the next six months, that a change of treatment will be offered to which you must agree to. Your loved ones draw very close with you at this time and are trying to lift your spirit as that is very important for you to receive the necessary help.

I am hearing the name of William being called in also I have a father coming forward for you, he says someone to lean on and to support you. He is talking of the April month and says “happy birthday”. Love to my granddaughter. He tells me I must move away from you now as you will not be able to cope with the emotion and he will contact you again in the near future. Take his love and know that he is with you always, he is putting the initial “J” over your head and that is meant for someone here on the earthly vibration where he also wishes to be remembered.