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“There is only one word I can use to describe my reading with this lady WOW. Beatrice thank you”
- Donna Crozier

“Beatrice is a very genuine lady who certainly helped me through a troubling time”
- Joan

“Beatrice has dedicated her own personal time in developing herself
in to an excellent medium”
- Angela Grady

“Her mediumship has gone from strength to strength over the years, she is an honest, forthright and genuine lady”
- Irene Coull

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Telephone Readings

Mediumship explaind - By a Medium !

I have worked for many years as a medium, but firstly let me tell you “my” interpretation of a medium.

A medium is a person who can receive and channel communications from Source Energy on many levels. The first level being the ability to listen to our own energy (remembering energy is equal to “thoughts”) in order to enhance our own lives whilst on this earthly vibration, also however, having the ability to be able to link into the source energy of other people on this earthly vibration, commonly known as “incarnate” energy, therefore having the ability to pass on information to and from each other, commonly know as Psychic.

The next level is where we have “discarnate” energy (where there is no longer a physical body) only a consciousness remains, this is where we, as Mediums (or channels) can attune our psyche to receive communications from the Universal Discarnate Source Energies to pass on to “incarnate” beings on this earthly vibration, therefore to prove that the consciousness lives on after what we call the physical death.

Psychic/Mediumistic Connection to Source Energy

I am sure you have all at some time heard the saying “All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums”. To which I agree with to a certain extent, as we all have the ability to raise our vibrational level to attune ourselves with discarnate energies on many levels and therefore we become our own medium or channel.

Over many years I have been involved as a tutor/demonstrator in development classes at all levels i.e.

  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Psychic, Mediumistic
  • Meditation, Relaxation
  • Hypnosis, Healing
  • Circle Work
  • Trance States
  • Self-Awareness
  • One to one private readings in connection to all aspects of the above
  • Public Demonstrations of communications from Discarnate Energies
  • Many aspects of Psychic and Paranormal Experiments

One To One Private Psychic or Mediumistic Readings:

When asking for a private reading, it is always good to know what you are asking for, so let me give you my opinion on what the differences are in the types of readings you might request, so as to avoid any disappointments.

I must firstly explain that “All Mediums are psychics, but not all Psychics are mediums” so let me give you some guidance on the difference between them.

The Aura:

To understand any reading we must firstly know what the Aura is. The aura is the energy field which surrounds the physical body, in fact that means for me that it is the life-force of the physical. The auric field holds all your life experiences both incarnate and discarnate energies. So any reading be it psychic or mediumistic comes through the auric field.

The aura vibrates on many different levels of communication and that is where the psychic/medium will try to become attuned to “your” vibrational level.

Psychic Reading:

This covers what is going on in your life at this time, past, present and future. Whereby the Psychic can pick up information from your aura as to what is happening in your life. For example: Relationships, finance, jobs, health, family, development etc. etc. all to do with material things and your life in general. Some psychics may use what we call “props” for this reading, i.e. tarot cards, crystals, coloured ribbons, aura drawings, etc. etc.

Incarnate Energy:

The psychic works with what I call “incarnate energy” which means working with your own energy (thoughts) within the auric field to receive the information for the reading. The psychic does not raise the vibrational level of contact to link with the “discarnate energy” to connect to source energy.

Mediumistic Reading:

Is when the Medium links to your aura and raises the vibrational level of contact to connect to source energy and the universe to try and bring forward proof of survival i.e. that the consciousness lives on after the death of the physical body. This is when we are able to connection to your loved ones who have left this earthly vibration.

Mediumistic Communication on demand - Is It Possible:

As a Medium I cannot call up at “will” any individual discarnate energy, I can only ask for the information and hope that it is given, as everything is “free will” and I cannot demand anything. However when you ask for this type of reading there are some things you can do to help to try and make the communication possible. Firstly “you” must send out the thought saying that you wish to connect to source energy (discarnate) not of the earthly vibration and ask them to come forward.

Discarnate Energy:

We are dealing with a very fine “discarnate source energy” (where there is no longer a physical body) so when we try to connect to the Universal Consciousness it is understandable that as a Channel we cannot be 100% correct in any reading as that would be an impossibility by the very nature of the process, but I will try to be 99% correct with the help of source energies.


The only way to Channel the Universal Source that we can connect to is through the consciousness. Whereby we are using our mind and the mind of those who wish to communicate on many different levels and therefore it is a mental connection. Like all things given via the mind the interpretation will vary from time to time as all things have to come together to make this possible and when we have the right conditions then we will have the 99% we are hoping for. But you must always bear in mind that every time we try to make that connection it can only ever be an “experiment” as I never know what might come forward in the reading.


One of the most important things you can do when you ask for any reading is to remain open-minded as this will help with the flow of communication, try to remember when dealing with “discarnate energies” they too have to learn the art of communication, and if we allow them the freedom to do so and not ask for specific things then the communication “I believe” becomes easier to take place. You must leave the communicator to decide for themselves what they can bring forward.


As the Channel being used I must try and keep my thoughts out of the way, as much as possible and allow the flow to take place. Always remember as the Channel, my job is to relay the communication and nothing more.

Discarnate Intelligence:

Finally (you will be glad to hear) the most important thing to remember is that you are dealing with a “Discarnate Intelligence” who is trying to guide you on your life’s journey, but at no time will take away your Freedom of Choice, you must always remember it is your life and therefore your responsibility how you live it.

Life Is For The Living:

Enjoy your experiences whilst in this physical body, use your knowledge to help others and remain grounded at all times. Your turn will come soon enough to experience the “Universal Source” of which we are all a part.

Psychic and Mediumistic Demonstrations:

Public demonstrations of a Psychic or Mediumistic nature can be arranged too. Talks, Workshops, Spiritual Guidance, Circle Work etc. etc. in fact anything to do with the Paranormal you only need to ask!! (IF YOU DARE), just let me know through my contact page. Who knows you might just enjoy it. Click here to schedule an event.