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A word or two from friends colleagues and clients...

As a professional psychical researcher over the years,

as someone who is Vice-president of The Scottish Society of Psychical Research and Founder of The Edinburgh Society for Psychical Research, I am privileged to meet and work with some of Scotland's finest mediums. I wish that I had met Beatrice years before now, for some of her beliefs regarding the working mechanisms of the psychic world are very close to my own, while her undoubted talents do her great credit.

Archibald A. Lawrie,
Psychic Researcher, Author, Broadcaster, Advisor to the BBC and Film-making Groups worldwide.

Beatrice is a gifted and caring medium.

She has given hope inspiration and encouragement to many, through bleak times. And enabled them to have a thankful rather than despairing heart.

Kay Ogilvie,
Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists.

Beatrice is a talented and experienced Medium.

She has had lengthy experience of working both in the UK and abroad. She is a committed and active member of her profession not only in conducting Public Demonstrations and Private Sittings but also in Tutoring; where she ensuring her students receive a thorough and intensive grounding in all aspects of Psychic Development. As well as this, she possesses an unusual talent for being able to receive ‘messages’ from spirit well in advance of any meeting taking place. She knows who the message is for and where they will be sitting in the meeting hall – even before the person themselves know whether they will be attending or not!

This unusual talent for Pre-cognition has been tested independently where her marks for accuracy have consistently scored around 80%!

This is a Medium with a vast knowledge and experience to draw from and one from which a lot can be learnt. It has been a pleasure and privilege to know and work with Beatrice and I’m pleased to be able to call her my friend.

Ann Treherne,
Psychic Investigator, Edinburgh.

Beatrice McCaig
A genuine, caring, sincere and honest psychic medium.

Beatrice is a master of her craft. a straight talking lady with her feet firmly on the ground, who provides accurate information and evidence from her spirit communicators. There is only one word I can use to describe my reading with this lady WOW.

Beatrice thank you so much .
Kind regards and much love.

Donna Crozier,

In my 20 years of interest in the “Paranormal”,

I can say with full confidence that I have never met a more sincere medium than Beatrice McCaig; Beatrice is truly dedicated, not only to her field of work, but to the honest progression of it.

I met Beatrice 5 years ago now after a mediumistic demonstration where she gave me amazing communication from my late great grandmother. Later I was lucky enough to spend 9 months learning in one of her development circles here in Spain. She taught me how to find myself, at the deepest and most truthful level, while keeping a light and fun atmosphere. There was never any place in her circle for being, in her own words, “wired to the moon”, we were taught to stay grounded while lovingly encouraged to progress, each at our own pace.

Beatrice excels at keeping the highest level of professionalism with her work. In a field where there are no real foundational rules of practice, she sets an exemplary standard.

I want to take this opportunity Beatrice to say Thank You, I would never have achieved the success I have in my inner and outer worlds without your guidance and friendship…….

Leona Jancie Graham,

I have known Beatrice for twenty years.

We first met in a Development Circle, we joined with others to develop our mediumship. It was very evident to me that even then she had a natural gift in helping others to cope with various traumas in their lives by bringing messages forward from the Spirit World to help and comfort them, and to prove without doubt that there is life after physical death.

Her mediumship has gone from strength to strength over the years, she is an honest, forthright and genuine lady whom I would have no hesitation in recommending when in need of spiritual help.

Irene Coull,
Port Seton, Scotland.

I have known Beatrice for many years,

where I have been fortunate to witness her work, within the church and on a private level. Beatrice is a honest and humble person who tends to minimise her gift. Beatrice or should I say B (the name I use for her) has always been passionate about her work and is always willing to take it to another level in seeking the answer we all desire.

For many years she has dedicated her own personal time in developing herself in to an excellent medium and healer she is today, but has also helped other people to explore their own capabilities to develop their gift. She is an excellent teacher who is always more than willing to go the extra mile for someone who generally needs her help and guidance. What must be remembered is that B has also managed to successfully be wife and mother whilst committing her life to the spirit world in order for voices to be heard from the universal life force we all known is there.

Namaste to all who reads this and good luck B with your new journey in providing the answers.

Angela Grady

Four years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Beatrice,

I had a reading from her which was 3 years after I had lost my husband of 33 years in a car accident.

I was still very emotional but was trying to move on with my life. She indicated through my late husband that I was to move on and gave me his blessing. This was a tremendous relief to me, that my husband approved of what I was about to embark on.

She also referred to a pair of earnings in a box which I had not worn. I did not know of any but was given a present that afternoon of earrings in a box which had been bought that morning about the time of my reading !!

Beatrice also mentioned quite a few personal things that were not possible for her to have known which was very surprising. She is a very genuine lady and certainly helped me through a troubling time.


I first met Beatrice about fifteen years ago,

she was the founder of my local Spiritualist Church and she was the medium that night. Later on in my development, I was privileged to have her as my Tutor. I was inspired by her teaching and the way in which she encouraged her students with both her knowledge and frankness and no nonsense attitude to all things spiritual. Always endeavouring to enable her students to have a richer experience to their spiritual enfoldment.

Yvonne Craig,
Port Seton, Scotland.

Hi Beatrice,

Just like to say thank you for all the help and inspiration you have given me over the years. I really appreciate your directness in the readings you have given me, they seem to always clarify life and the way forward as well as giving me an “understanding” of how it all works!! ..


Beatrice is the most straight talking down to earth person/medium I know.

She tells it as it is and could never be accused of being wired to the moon. There was a time where I was getting a lot of messages from the platform telling me that they (the person giving said message) could see a break-up and that I was going to be splitting up with my husband. Now being the type of person I am I did not take any of this to heart which is lucky. The only medium who said I was family orientated and I would do anything to protect my family was Beatrice. 15 years on I am still with my husband and the kids are going from strength to strength.

I have also attended classes that Beatrice has run which have been both fun and educational. She encourages you to progress at your own pace and helps you to feel an important part of the group irrespective of your ability. She is a lovely lady and it is my pleasure to know her.

Corrie McGill,